Private Investment Projects

Private Investment Projects

Iraq has the capability of leaning to self sustainability and depending less on imports with the rise of industrialization throughout the country. The abundance of natural resources allow for such a trend whereby investors can expect a swifter return on investment as the nation’s purchasing power steadily increases.

Our Value Creation team comprises of sector specialists who are fully integrated in the investment process. The team has gained experience in over 100 private equity transactions in all major jurisdictions around the globe and specializes in the following sectors:


Housing Complexe Projects in all Cities in Iraq (Houses, high and Low Rise Builidings)


Light Industries
Technology Industries (3D, Artificial Intelligence, Nano)
Recycling Industries
Chemical Blending
Building Materials
Mineral processing


Wheat and Barley farms
Vegitable and Fruit farms
Green Houses

Youth and Sport

Fitness Centers
Sports Academies
Football Mini Fields


Solar Power Stations
Gas & Diesel Power Stations

Bank & Financial Services

Investment in Banks
Investment in Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX)




Private Primary and High Schools
Universities and Colleges
Vocational Training Schools
Assorted Training Centers

Oil & Gas

Equipment Service Centers
Oil Field Services


Maintenance of Assorted Equipment and Electronics

Media and Telecom

Setalite TV

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